Welcome to the new world of health

As Francis Bacon once said “knowledge is power”. And so it is.

Beyond the superficial use of this term there is a very deep meaning. But it will be necessary to define what it really means.

As individuals, our main task is to live, that is our personal task, the most important of all. For human beings life must have a purpose and should have a conscious direction, a movement in a line towards a certain end.

The second essential preparation for this task of living, for this work to be done is the development of the self.

If the orientation and the development of oneself is essential to the task of living, then it means that the sooner we get these things from the sooner we can obtain personally skills and satisfaction. The power applied to life, means the acceleration of the task of living in the direction we have considered. This power or acceleration can only be achieved through knowledge.

It is time to enter the new world of health …

Now you are probably wondering what I mean when I say new world.

You may ever wonder what is health? How does it work?

Health has to do with the functionality of the organism, it is how you body operates and not just how you feel or how you look. Usually it is not by looking good on the mirror or feeling happy in our life that we can measure how well our body functions. It has to do with our habits and those unnatural routines that we often impose upon ourselves.

When we are talking about functionality, we mean the specific activity of an organ, a tissue or a cell. This is where comes the big question: how to know if my organization is running properly? Most diseases are caused by imbalances in the spine which can compress the surrounding nerves and block the natural energy flow through the body. These imbalances interfere with the function of the organism and its innate intelligence. One of the easiest ways to know if we are operating properly is through the study of our spine and nervous system, allowing us to understand how and where our body is affected.

Many of us wait to feel really bad before seeking help from a professional. We are in 2016, we do not have to wait that much to do so, we have the power, the power of the information that I just shared with you.

It is just like going to the dentist. I do not know about you but I get my dental health checked regularly. Not because I know I have a cavity or any other problem (which I normally do not see or feel) but because I keep a dental hygiene which is part of my overall well-being. So why not with the rest of my body?

That answer is yours alone … The essence of life, integrity, the purpose of the structure, the function of living beings and the regeneration is what I call the new world. Where health takes a new form and becomes our most precious treasure in the most organic way possible, building itself naturally. Using the power of this innate intelligence that works upside down and inside out.

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